Храните все ваши пароли
в одном месте!

SafeVault сделан для тех кто ценит свою безопаспость.


Simply The Best Password Manager App Out There.

The SafeVault team works every day to keep your passwords, bank cards and notes safe.


We have made the user-friendly interface for you to use the application.


You can quickly find your password, sort and filter it.


The data is saved instantly. You can create and share your password very quickly.


All your data is encrypted with a strong algorithm.

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How The App Works?


Register to create an account where you can store your passwords, bank cards and notes.


Click the create button to add your new password, bank card and note.


To change your password, bank card or note, click on the edit button. After editing, press the save button.


If you want to share your password, bank card or note with your family or friend, just click the share button.

Loaded With Features You Would Absolutely Love.

We are constantly updating our application and adding new features. By using SafeVault you get lifetime updates.

Менеджер Паролей

Храните ваши пароли.

Менеджер Банковских Карт

Храните ваши банковские карты.

Менеджер Заметок

Добавляйте заметки и не упустите ни одну из идей.

Менеджер Контактов

Храните ваши контакты.

Менеджер Файлов

Храните ваши файлы.

Высокая Безопасность

Все ваши данные полностью зашифрованы.

Our Users Love Our App!

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Security upgrade for all your accounts. Don't look at this as a standalone app, but as a significant security upgrade for all of your accounts, as well as a safe for sensitive data like passwords, bank accounts, etc.

Lurch Schpellchek Programmer
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Amazing! I highly recommend this product and this company to anyone looking for a password management solution.

Renee Sims Designer
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I've used SafeVault for a few years and it has proven time and time again how valuable it is to me. Managing my passwords across my devices is so easy with my subscription.

Leo Gill Manager

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You deserve the best in security. SafeVault keeps your information private, secure, and hidden (even from us).




  • 10 Passwords
  • 10 Bank Cards
  • 10 Notes
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